Home-made Strawberry Ice Cream

Nothing says summer like ice cream. But when you’re watching your weight, you might feel bad about opening that ice cream bucket (no one knows how these things end).

My answer is (tadaah!):

home-made ice cream!


Making your own ice cream is always a good option, but if you’re still looking for excuses:

  • it’s another way to eat fruit— great if you’re fed up with fruit salads, crumbles, pies… (yeah, it does happen!)
  • you can mix all your leftover fruit and make a tutti-frutti-home-made-ice-cream
    (plus, with so many compound words for one single desert, you’ll sound like a food geek and impress everyone)
  • it’s real fun (or am I the only one to be fascinated by the view of a blender in action?)
  • it’s 99% fresh fruit, and 1% cream and sugar (that is : NOTHING compared to the average industrial (evil) ice cream)









You’ll need:
• 250 g fresh strawberries
• 2 tbsp sugar
• 2 tbsp cream
• My mom’s advice : a sprinkle of lemon juice to strengthen the flavor

Mix all the ingredients in your blender, transfer into a nice pot and put it in the freezer for around 6h, stirring from time to time (ideally, every hour).
You can keep it for days (weeks!) in the freezer but I assume it won’t last that long!

Oh, and, of course, feel free to experiment with any other fruit!



NB: It started melting as I took the pictures, so apologies for the gooey look!

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