Greek Salad

Forget everything you know about salads and their boringness. I’d rather eat a proper Greek salad every day than all the double-whoopers the world can offer (even if it comes with extra bacon, which is saying something).

Amongst the many qualities of Greek people are: they probably grow the best vegetables AND they know how to serve them. That is: raw.

To make a proper Greek salad you must:
a) forget about what you think a salad should be: tiny bits of vegetables mixed together with loads of sauce.
b) carefully chose the best vegetables: fully-ripe and locally-grown.



You’ll need:
• 1 cucumber
• 3 tomatoes
• 1 green pepper
• 150g black olives
• 1 red onion
• 200g feta
• 1 tbsp of thyme (even better if fresh!)
• Olive oil
• Salt, pepper

Cut every vegetable into big, generous cubes. Don’t be shy : Greek people like to see their vegetables!

Slice the onion ‘perpendicularly’ to get beautiful, thin onion rings.

In a big bowl, put the vegetables, olives and onion rings. And a generous amount of olive oil, some salt/pepper and mix everything up !

Using a sharp knife, quickly score the block of feta diagonally, but don’t make too deep cuts. You don’t want to break it into cubes at this stage. Put the cheese, in one piece, on top of your salad. Just pour some more olive oil on top and add the thyme. You can also add pepper but go easy on salt as the feta is already really salty.

If you’re not serving right away, put the salad bowl back in the fridge to ensure optimal freshness.

You’ll only ‘brake’ the feta when serving the salad — exactly as Greek people do.


Come on baby, now tell me you still need bacon and cheddar!


NB: if you’re lucky enough to own a terrace, or even a garden, you just have to serve this with barbecue-grilled meat. Souvláki, as they say where democracy was born.

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