Fresh fruit salad

There’s nothing like a fresh fruit salad. Yeah, you heard me, deep fried chicken! Nothing tastes better than freshly cut fruit. Nothings looks better, and nothing feels better.


That said I have to admit that, whenever I make a fruit salad, I enter into a schizophrenic (wow, I got this spelled right at the first attempt!) internal argument with myself “It’s so good for you, why don’t you make fruit salads every day?”/”I ought to be good, it’s only just worth the hassle”.

But the whole buying/preparing/eat-it-before-it-goes-bad thing around it doesn’t spoil the great time you have trying each fruit separately, then associating the flavours and working out which fruits combine best together (or am I the only freak around?). I especially like the banana-strawberry combination, and the kiwi-peach one. All right, I’m a freak.

My advice: a fruit salad must remain 100% fruit.
– Add a sprinkle of orange juice to enhance the flavour and help the fruit combine together (each fruit will give some of its flavour to the orange juice, and the orange juice will add a touch of sugar/acidity to balance the whole thing)
– Don’t add sugar (as fruits naturally contain sugar, and it would mask the fruit flavour),
– Don’t add ice cream or biscuits (I know, I’m a bit of a fruit-extremist sometimes)… Fine, add ice cream if you feel like it or want to convince kids to eat them. And, okay, some biscuits are fine with fruit too. But at least, allow me to be intransigent on the non-sugar rule.








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